Other Matters

Elder Law
Our elderly face a variety of different issues as they contemplate needing increasing assistance to continue living as independently as possible. We can assist in evaluating each individual’s needs and making recommendations on the many different facets of change which may be forthcoming.

Attorney Ethics
The Florida Bar offers ethics opinions to attorneys free of charge for the inquiring attorney’s future (prospective) conduct. The Florida Bar will not give opinions regarding past actions or regarding another attorney’s actions. Sometimes, attorneys simply do not care to discuss their business with The Florida Bar. Or someone needs an expert witness regarding ethical issues. We can assist in this area of the law.

General Civil Litigation
Many types of cases are considered ‘general civil’ matters, such as breaches of contract, breaches of non-compete agreements, construction disputes, slander, landlord tenant matters, and some real estate litigation.

Real Estate Closings
We are a title agent through Attorneys Title Fund Services and can assist in closing on a real estate transaction.